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SNUGGED was created in 2020 to stand alone as the worlds first carbon negative recruitment agency.

Passionate about sustainability, we work with organisations who care about the environment, providing them with
permanent and temporary staff who can help them help the environments they operate in.

As part of our carbon negative promise, we plant trees for every placement we make.


To create the most enhanced candidate experience, enabling individuals to find their true purpose in the world of work.
In turn ensuring our client base receives only the most suitable candidates, relevant to their culture and skill

Absolute excellence in clarity, transparency, sustainability, social responsibility and ethical standards.

The word snugged perfectly sums up the feeling we want to create when placing candidates into their jobs. We look
forward to you joining us on our journey to perfect recruitment, without prejudice, with genuine care for the candidate
and with pride in all our interactions.

We hope that some day we will help you to get SNUGGED and find your true place in the world of work.

“SNUGGED – Warm, Comfortable and Protected”

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