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Drillmec Drilling Technologies Published: November 4, 2018
2000 west street Annapolis MD, MD
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? Duties & responsibilities include maintaining Health & Safety Systems by providing Emergency Medical Care.
? Pre-departure screening of passengers for fitness to travel,
? Safety Induction of new personnel / visitors and maintenance of the Health & Safety Culture.
? Coordinating patient HelEvac / transfer to the Shore base Clinic in coordination with the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM).
? Educate on First Aid, & Defibrillator use.
? Checking cabin hygiene, sanitation, & food preparation.
? Accident & fire prevention.
? Marine pollution prevention, routine anti- terrorism surveillance.
? Crew-change travel coordination / P.O.B., Heli. Radio dispatch.
? Performing other General Administrative tasks as assigned by the OIM.
? Arranging water chlorination / portability.
? Monitoring of medical / psychiatric conditions of persons on-board.

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