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CTTC,Campion Tehcnical Training Center Published: July 1, 2018
Add: H# 555, District 10, Shirpoor Square, Opp old UN Compound, Kabul, Afghanistan., Afghanistan
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Scope of Work

Roles and Responsibilities

The CTTC has received a six year monitoring project from the KFW which requires a Project Consultant of German nationality fluent in English, with a strong technical and financial background. As the monitoring consultant for this project, the CTTC is responsible for monitoring and reporting on all phases of the project including feasibility studies, design, tendering and financial disbursements. The successful candidate for this position will be expected to interface with both the KFW (donor), MRRD and the implementing partners on all activities within the project cycle. The project is located in five Northern provinces in Afghanistan and undertakes to select, construct, monitor and report on the irrigation and canal and agricultural sectors. The project headquarters where the project manager is posted is at the CTTC main office in Kabul city.
The Project Consultant position will have the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Together with the Technical Team Lead, the Project Consultant will liaise with the primary EIDA stakeholders:
- Donor (German Bank for Reconstruction, also known as the “KfW”) in Frankfurt, Germany and Kabul, Afghanistan
- Government of Afghanistan (GoA), including the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and other government bodies involved with the EIDA program, in Kabul, Afghanistan
- Facilitating Partners (FPs) - Agha Khan Foundation (AKF) and Mercy Corps - in Kabul, Afghanistan
2. Manage the second year implementation. This includes, but is not limited to, management of the following sub tasks:
- Project reporting
- FP disbursement fund bank account
- FP work plans and budgets
- MC office at the MRRD
- MC administrative, data management, financial, and human resources systems
3. Manage the pre-construction and rehabilitation tasks, including Project Selection, Baseline Survey, and Feasibility Study Phases:
- Review projects selected by the FPs for potential impact on the increase of yield in irrigated areas.
- Review project baseline surveys by the FPs on KfW and MRRD-approved projects
- Review project feasibility studies by the FPs on KfW and MRRD-approved projects
4. Provide support to the Technical Team on the following infrastructure-focused sub tasks for all KfW and MRRD-approved projects:
- Proposed project final designs on KfW and MRRD-approved projects
- Proposed tender documents
- Project construction and rehabilitation monitoring
- Proposed operations and maintenance (O&M) plans and manuals
- Project impact surveys
5. Review project tendering, submission evaluation, contract award process and results
6. Oversee the management of all EIDA data and documentation in all program phases
7. Manage MC administration, finance, and human resource activities in support of all contracted deliverables in all program phases
8. Together with the Technical Team Lead, draft and submit all contracted reports
9. Together with the Technical Team Lead monitor timely project implementation and ensure transparent financial control by all stakeholders.
10. Work with project finance officer in financial management, facilitated external audit, withdrawal application and financial control of disbursement to PIAs.

Level of Effort

Based on the results of the EIDA Inception Workshops held, which highlighted the increased start-up responsibilities of the of the CTTC in Year I, the MC (CTTC) personnel plan and associated LoE distribution for the six-year EIDA program is as follows:

Year II
The primary activities to be conducted in the second year are related to the following priorities (pre-construction and rehabilitation), including:

¥ Stakeholder work plans and budgets
¥ Activity based log frame development for the partners
¥ Project reporting
¥ Project selection
¥ Baseline surveys
¥ Feasibility studies
¥ Project design
¥ Tender preparation
¥ Tender evaluation and recommendation
¥ Contract awarding and mobilization
¥ Setting up the financial management system and mechanism for financial audit of the project accounts.
¥ Setting up special accounts and mechanism for disposition funds
¥ Setting of template and mechanism for forecast for PIAs
¥ Develop financial monitoring mechanism for PIAs disbursements.
¥ Setting of scope and audit mechanism for disposition funds

This position’s LoE from July 2018 through to July 2019 requires 10 work days per month. The LOE will be split between the CTTC office in Kabul, Afghanistan and the KFW/EIDA office or proximity in Frankfurt, Germany.


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